My Wife and I are Adding a New Thermostat to Our Additional Rooms:

My wife and I are in the process of adding a few rooms to our current home.

  • We’ve lived here since we were married, and we honestly appreciate our house! The one downside to living here, is that there isn’t enough bedrooms and we need a few more.

The two of us are planning on having children in the near future, but our house isn’t big enough for it. The addition will include two more bedrooms as well as one powder room. We’re thinking it should be a relatively easy process to add, and it hasn’t cost us a lot of money yet. However, my wife and I are in need of a Heating as well as A/C professional, because we want to extend our current system to the new addition. My wife and I want to make sure that our current Heating as well as A/C system can handle the additional rooms. Eventually, I think we’ll have to add a new temperature control to the new spaces so we can control the temperature without affecting the rest of our existing home. We’re not sure how much these Heating as well as A/C changes are going to cost us, although I think it will be more than worth it for our family. Honestly, I’m looking forward to having the construction work completed so that we can actually decorate the new space. It’s going to be super fun trying to pick out the current floors as well as wallpaper for the addition we’re building. My wife and I can’t wait to get everything up and running! The construction began last week, and it shouldn’t take more than a few months to complete.


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