Needed some homeowner solutions after moving in

I needed a few things in the way of homeowner solutions when we first brought this property.

  • The first item of business was to make sure the HVAC system was on point.

I knew the HVAC that was already there was way too old. It perhaps could have been fixed, but I wanted to take advantage of the energy efficiency of modern heating and cooling equipment. We had a boiler system installed which is highly energy efficient. We considered going for radiators, but we decided to have radiant heated floors installed. The radiant heated floors were mostly able to be installed in the basement since the basement is just as large as the first floor of the house. This heating system is so amazing and I love the energy efficiency as well. For the cooling system, we wanted something energy efficient just like the heating system. The HVAC professionals recommended that we go for a high velocity cooling system. I had never heard about this type of cooling system before, but I learned that we could easily cool the whole house within 10 minutes, even if the place was absolutely stifling. I thought that sounded amazing, so I went for the high velocity cooling system. They had to install a new style of ductwork system which was completely narrow. It wasn’t a tough installation though and before I knew it, I had the best cooling system around. We tested it out and it was amazing how fast the AC came from the HVAC vents. I honestly can’t wait until we get into the summer season, so we can really test the efficiency of this new cooling system.

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