No HVAC contractor can find my home

I both love and hate the location of my house.

I live in the middle of nowhere.

I literally am a cabin in the woods. I love being separated from everyone and having my privacy. I can hunt right from my property in the winter and tan in the nude during the summer. My driveway is hidden too. I don’t get anybody coming unexpected to the door. The downside to this is that no one can find me. It took weeks for me to get mail to my house. Anytime I order a large package, I just plan on going to the post office. My family needs me to basically stand in the middle of the road and point to where my home is when they visit. The worst is when I need a repair done though. My heating equipment is always breaking down. I have gotten pretty good at fixing it just because I have to. At first I was determined that a real HVAC professional would look at it. I have called multiple HVAC companies and nobody can find my place. I have stayed on the phone with the HVAC contractor and talked him through the trip. I have tied balloons to my mailbox. I have also waited outside for the guy to arrive. There has never been an HVAC specialist in my home. They either drive right by or never make it down my road. So anytime something HVAC related goes wrong, I just groan. I start determined to get someone to help, and then end up doing it myself.


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