Once hot, then cold, then hot

I was so happy originally when it was finally Springtime this year! It had been an unquestionably long, freezing Winter in this area and I had been running my oil furnace like I was a madman trying to keep warm.

However, as typically around here, the beginning of Springtime did not necessarily mean that I was definitively done with my oil furnace.

In fact, it meant that I was just going to be switching back and forth from my air conditioner to my oil furnace all the time at multiple times throughout the weeks. Heating, cooling, cooling, heating; it never stopped. Well, it never stopped until it did, without warning. As I was switching back to air conditioner later that afternoon, I heard a particularly awful clunk that sounded pretty bad. I knew it was bad when my air conditioner and heater both didn’t seem to be finally working properly. In fact, the air conditioner was running, but didn’t seem to be finally working at all! The Heating and Air Conditioning plan really seemed to have completely shut down in frustration, then i tried switching it on again, and finally when that didn’t work, I called my Heating and Air Conditioning provider in hopes of finding a real solution. Fortunately for me, the cooling system specialist on the line was totally and unquestionably knowledgeable. She said that it wasn’t unusual, although it was a bit rare, to blow the outdoor breaker. When I went out to check on the outdoor breaker on the air conditioner like she said, the cooling system specialist was exactly right. I thanked her over and over again on the phone and she said in the future to try to allow 5 minutes on the “off” position on the thermostat before switching back and forth so hastily.

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