People shouldn’t be overheated at our Independence Day party

My fiance plus I are thinking about having a huge celebration this warm season.

We really want to celebrate the 4th of July along with the end of all of the quarantine that’s been going on.

We are sincerely hoping that the temperature that day won’t be miserably hot, but it usually is tepid on that particular day. We have been trying to come up with some ideas to figure out what we can do to help alleviate the heat, even though we will genuinely be having the celebration outdoors. I was thinking that it would be smart to rent a big outdoor tent with flaps on it plus even maybe a dance floor. If we do have a tent, after that we could also rent some portable air conditioning machine to have around in the corners of the tent. With a portable air conditioning equipment plus flaps on the tent, we would actually be able to create a comfortable area for people to cool down and relax if they get too tepid outside. My fiance says that it won’t be a big deal if the temperatures outside are extremely hot, but we honestly don’t have a pool or anything where people can go to cool off. Our property isn’t that big, either, so it’s not a good option. I suppose the tent with portable air conditioning equipment would be a wonderful move, however he doesn’t entirely seem to wish to pay for all of that. I feel that I may be able to talk him into it, though. I just don’t want anyone feeling entirely tepid plus agitated at our celebration.

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