Picking some metal stuff for a couple of bucks at the scrapyard

On Tuesday Morning, the trucks come around and pick up all of the recycling.

They pick up bottles, cans, and cardboard.

They also pick up large items like mattresses, televisions, yard debris, and old grills. My best friend has a nice truck with an open bed in the back. On Monday night, we drive around the neighborhood and look for items to pick up. Some of the nicer neighborhoods get rid of items that still have value. My friend and I found a 42-inch television last month on the curb. It was still in pretty good shape. We decided to check if it worked, before we took it to the scrap yard. The television worked just fine, other than a small ding on the left side. My friend and I sold it on marketplace for fifty bucks. A few weeks ago, we found an old furnace on the side of the road. Most of the time, HVAC companies take the old equipment with them. The furnaces and air conditioners can be taken apart and some of the pieces can be reused. I was surprised to see the furnace on the side of the road, so my friend and I immediately stopped and made room in the back of the truck. The furnace was not in good working condition, so we had to sell it to the scrap yard. We took out all of the items that could be sold separately, so we could make a few extra dollars on the deal. Even $10 more is worth a few minutes of my time.


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