Playing those games

It’s always very interesting to me how hastily things go downhill in new relationships when people begin living together… I recognize that it’s relatively straight-forward to get along as a couple if you do not have to see each other day in and day out, however, as soon as you are living under the same roof plus negotiating every detail of your lives together things get a lot more complicated.

It’s no wonder that one couple who move in together are various times more likely to split up than couples who stay in separate residences, and this is something that I ended up learning the hard way when our ex plus I moved in together plus instantly realized that we had opposite opinions about air temperature control. Whereas she enjoyed ice freezing indoor air temperature I was a fan of warm, stagnant indoor air. I do not ever enjoy having freezing air blowing on our body or feeling drafts all the time. It wasn’t long before we were bickering about the control unit settings on a yearly basis, and every one of us found ourselves engaging in actual fights over something so stupid as air quality control. That’s also when the control unit sneaking began. Every time I turned our back it seemed savor our girl was sitting at the control unit, betraying me with her air temperature modifications. I was not able to close my eyes without adjustments being made to the indoor air quality control programming that we had agreed upon. I didn’t feel like I could trust him after so many instances of dishonest air quality control changes. To be fair, she felt the same way about our persistent temperature increases. In the end, we broke up because of our differing air quality control opinions.


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