Scrubbing HVAC

After having a legitimately messy storm recently, our entire backyard was a mess with dirt, dried mud and everything else.

Also, our central heating and a/c component was a total mess.

It looked legitimately terrible from all the dirt and dried mud all over it as a result of the storm, so I wanted to scrub it. Though, washing our central Heating plus Air Conditioning component would be a bit tough, cause I had to make sure that when spraying the central heating and a/c component with our water hose, that I didn’t end up shorting it out. It’s a miracle that all the rain from the storm didn’t short out our central heating and a/c unit, as bad as the storm was! There was dried mud on our central heating and a/c component all stuck in the grates of the thing, then there was dirt and tree shavings covering the central a/c and heating component as well. I figured if I turned on the water lightly on the hose, that I could carefully beginning washing down the entire Heating plus Air Conditioning unit, and not risk having it short out or having the water hit an crucial wire or attachor of some sort. I legitimately decided to look on the internet at a few websites for advice on carefully washing the central heating and a/c. I did find quite a few pointers on those websites, which were pretty darn helpful. I am going to wait to scrub the central heating and cooling plan till the weekend, when I have more time to do it all genuinely carefully.
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