Sealing up the home worked a little too well

Making my home airtight was a brilliant and dumb idea.

For years my HVAC system could not achieve the temperature set on the thermostat.

It would run and run but nothing happened. I could feel the cold air leaking in the house during the winter. In the summer the house was sweltering. So I dedicated months of my life and tons of money to seal up the home. I got new windows and doors put in. I caulked all around the cracks in the frame. I then redid the insulation around the baseboards. I also added insulation in the ceiling. After that I got my ductwork professionally sealed. After I was sure there were no holes, I ran my heater in the winter. It is great that my heating equipment is not losing any air. I can have my home completely heated. The downside is that my heater is now too effective. The heater powers up and turns off within an hour. It can heat up the home that fast. The heater turning on and off throughout the day is not very efficient. My bills are no lower than they were before. With the house so sealed up, no fresh air is coming in. The heaters dry, dirty air keeps cycling around and around. I have noticed the gross indoor air quality is really affecting me. I have a headache all the time now and I constantly sneeze. I might need to get an air purifier at this point. I am also looking at a smaller heater device. So sealing up my home is costing me more money in the end.

Cooling technician