Sweating in the cold

My hubby is different when it comes to our heat, and she will wear a Wintertide coat in the home office at fifty-numerous degrees outside before she will turn on the house’s main heating system in the home office.

We live in the south where Wintertide consists of a week of cold weather and we use electric space gas furnaces to heat our home., however my hubby sees money go down the drain when the heating system comes on, but, once she turns it on, it’s on! I thought that the reason she hesitates to turn on the heat is to save money. We have this adorable electric space heating system that looks care about a fireplace and she keeps the flames off to save money, supposedly, but, when she gets the heat kicking, it becomes summertime in the house. I believe in being comfortable, although I don’t feel the need to have the heat so high as to wear shorts and a t-shirt in the middle of winter; But, that’s what I did last Monday. My hubby had the heat set at 69 degrees and I was cleaning the house, washing clothes, and baking. I ended up dressed it shorts and a t-shirt… Every half hour or so, I would turn the temperature control down 2 degrees or so, but, after a couple hours of this, our hubby caught on and turned the heat back up! I just didn’t understand it, finally, late afternoon, I had a nice little chat with him. We have nice jackets and sweatshirts and it was time to put them on and turn the heat down. Fortunately, she agreed.

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