Temperature controlled building isn’t constantly comfortable

I was entirely happy when our corporation moved into a newly constructed office building located right downtown, and the building is entirely lovely plus outfitted with the most new amenities… I quickly realized, however, that there are some downsides to our up-to-date work setting, however because of the location, traffic is a sizable concern plus I need to leave for work twenty minutes earlier than I used to, but parking is also an issue, plus I’m often forced to leave our car several blocks away plus pay for a space.

I then walk through dire weather conditions, such as heat, humidity, rain, sleet plus snow to reach the building. The indoor environment is temperature controlled through a state-of-the-art heating plus cooling system. There are no frigid spots, warm areas or drafts to deal with. The heating plus cooling equipment makes entirely little noise plus filters contaminants out of the air, then despite the perfumes plus supper choices of our coworkers, I’m never subjected to lingering odors. The negative is that the switch from heating to cooling is determined by a date on the calendar rather than the actual weather outside; On a certain date in late November, the heating method starts up plus operates until a morning in mid May. The weather doesn’t constantly cooperate. The two of us occasionally have entirely warm weather in August plus the heated building becomes horrible stuffy. There is no way to start up the air conditioner because the controls for temperature are only accessible from the corporate headquarters on the other side of the country. Plus, none of the windows in the building are able to be opened.

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