The A/C made my eyes dry at the doctors

It was time for me to get my yearly eye check up at the eye doctor’s office.

I knew I probably needed a new pair of glasses, because last year when I had my check up, the eye doctor told me that in another year, I would most likely need them. This year, I was late in making my appointment, so it was the middle of Summer. I usually go in the Fall or Winter months. When I walked into the eye doctor’s office, the air conditioning was really nice I have to say. But, the air quality was really dry. This was not good because it was for sure going to affect my eyes when the doctor looked at them. I could feel my eyes becoming more and more dry the longer I sat in the waiting room. I asked the person at the front desk if they had any eye drops they could give me, because the air conditioning was making my eyes really dry. She said that she didn’t have anything on hand, but to wait and the doctor would be with me in a moment. I went in to get my check up, and when the doctor looked at my eyes, he said to me “that air conditioning is really dry isn’t it?”. He knew exactly what was going on. He told me they had been having a dry air quality issue this Summer, and that they were looking into getting a humidifier for the place. We both laughed about it, and I went on with my eye exam.


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