The best thing about being at my lake house is the AC

I know that everyone likes to go on vacation, but I really love to go to my lake house because the heating and cooling system there is amazing.

  • I bought the lake house when it needed a ton of renovations and the one thing I focused on was the HVAC system.

I had the HVAC technician install the best AC unit that I could afford. I did a ton of research on all different styles of AC units until I found what I really wanted. I told my HVAC technician that I wanted to install a ductless mini split system so that I could save money on my HVAC bill. I have been so happy with the work my HVAC technician has done that I can’t wait for him to come to upgrade the HVAC system in my regular house. I am usually on business trips so I haven’t upgraded the AC unit in my current home, but I will soon. The HVAC system at my lake house works so much better than central heating and cooling. I have a smart thermostat at my regular home right now, which certainly helps my HVAC bill but I know that it will be much lower once I upgrade. I have told all of my friends about the HVAC system in my lake house and they have said they are interested in learning more about the ductless mini split AC systems. I never knew about them until recently and man they really blow other heating and cooling systems out of the water. If your HVAC technician remonds that you switch from central heating and cooling you should really take the plunge.

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