The Cabin In The Woods And The Fireplace

Me and my girl have a cabin we own up in the woods.

This cabin is used for private romantic getaways.

We go at some point every single Winter to just be away from the everyday stresses of life and the workplace. We usually go for a few weeks when we do. Since we own the place, we can do whatever we want to do with it. And for those really special romantic evenings, I made sure and invested in a really nice electric fireplace. The reason I chose to go with an electric fireplace, is because when we first bought the cabin, we had the original fireplace that was real removed. We did this so we could have better heating. The electric fireplace is installed right into the wall, close to where the original fireplace once was. You really can not even tell the difference that it is a fake fireplace. To get this look and feel, I invested quite a bit of money into it. The last time I made an investment like this, was when I got the cabin’s heating and air conditioning system upgraded with a whole home air purification system. We always wanted to make sure that we had top notch air quality in the place. Air quality is just as important as heating and cooling. Especially if you are going to be spending most of your time indoors. Which is what we do when we are at our beautiful cabin in the woods. We would not trade it in for the world. And we really love our electric fireplace more than anything!

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