The cheap air filters work just the same as HEPA air filters

You know, I’ve seen a ton of talk about these amazing HEPA air filters going around lately.

I was entirely curious because of all this chat plus how great they are.

Well, I tried HEPA air filters the other month plus I have to tell you that I don’t understand why they’re so popular. In my opinion you just pay for the name HEPA on the label! These air filters are no better and no worse than normal air filters. You could purchase the air filters you normally buy at the store plus end up with a similar quality as these so called HEPA air filters! I guess the big hype is one large rip off in my opinion. Also, people’s minds tend to play tricks on them. If they are programmed to believe that something is amazing or not, in their minds they will start believing that. After trying these HEPA air filters for myself, I can tell you that they’re not as amazing as everyone was saying. I’m not one to follow trends just because other people are following them. I’m also not one to assume something is the best just because everyone is saying so. I have to try something and base it on what I actually believe. This is my personal findings on HEPA air filters. While HEPA air filters do filter the air, there are other more cheaply sold air filters that work just as well. After this pack of HEPA air filters is finished, I will be going back to cheaper air filters.


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