The Garbage All Over Town Caused Bad Air Quality

Don’t even get me started on the really bad garbage collecting system we have in this small little town I happen to live in.

I swear, it is like something out of a B grade movie from the 1960’s or something! I won’t go off about everything wrong with this awful little town or I would be writing a book about it.

But there is the garbage system I will talk about. Because they are short on county workers, sometimes the garbage does not get collected for weeks on end! This causes the area to have very bad air quality. And, it has cost me a ton of money in an investment I was just forced to make because of it. I bought a whole home air purification system because I could not stand it anymore! The whole home air purification system at least gives me refreshing and clean air in my home if I keep it sealed up. I am grateful for the advancement in heating and cooling technology that even made a whole home air purification system possible. I can only imagine if this was before the invention of the whole home air purification system. If it was, I do not know what I would have done to be able to combat the bad air quality. I probably would have had to move! So the point I am trying to make here is, that if you live in the worst possible area with the worst possible air quality, a whole home air purification system will make it tolerable to live in, if you had to.