The many perks of a smart thermostat

They tell you that when you transport into a modern new home that you should expect something will break right away.

In my case, it was the HVAC system.

Within the first month of moving in, I had to have a particularly modern heating, ventilation, plus A/C installed. When the HVAC repair tech asked if I wanted to go ahead plus install a smart thermostat for a small fee I agreed. I was having a particularly modern HVAC system installed, I might as well have it replaced, right? I am so damn happy that I did. Later, in the Winter months, I ended up with the flu—despite getting my annual influenza vaccination. I was so pissed off at the time. I could barely lift my head plus the achy chills were constant. One morning, while I was lying in bed—wrapped in numerous covers plus suffering through a high fever—I can think back to feeling so cold plus helpless because I was too sick to get up plus the thermostat at the other end of the house. Then it occurred to me; the smart thermostat! I stretched my hand out from under the covers plus turned up the heat on my cell phone. Later, when my fever had finally broken, I was also able to turn the temperature back down from the utility room where I was cleaning out all of my sheets. Certainly, the smart thermostat is useful in the type of serious straits I was in over the Winter but even during my everyday life it’s nice to be able to set the temperature in my beach modern home while I’m away—to save money on the electric cost, or when I’m simply too lazy or comfortable to get out of bed to make a minor temperature adjustment.

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