The Warranty Covered My New Furnace

When buying a new furnace, you always hope that you don’t have to buy another one ever again since you’re spending so much money.

A furnace can cost thousands of dollars and they’re predicted to run for at least a decade.

You can imagine my surprise when an HVAC professional told me that my furnace was shot and that I’d need to have it replaced. My furnace had been replaced less than two years prior so there was no reason in my mind that it needed to be replaced. Logically, nothing should have caused that furnace to stop running that early on. My furnace wasn’t heating my house, which was why I called the HVAC professional in the first place. I knew something was wrong, but I couldn’t comprehend having to replace it when it was so young. This was when I decided to hire a different HVAC company to get a second opinion. Unfortunately, this HVAC company told me the same thing. My furnace would not be able to heat my home again and I’d have to get a new one. Thankfully, this HVAC company told me that my furnace was still under warranty and the entire cost was covered. I wouldn’t have to pay a dime out of my own pocket. I’m really thankful that the HVAC company told me about the warranty because I wasn’t in the position to pay for another furnace. One furnace was expensive enough! I’m also happy that my furnace stopped working before the warranty expired.


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