They said they had no reason to call me back.

When I decided to call the Heating & A/C corporation, I simply wanted some questions answered.

  • I was upset and worried about some sounds I had been hearing in the ductwork, plus I wanted to make sure it wasn’t from some kind of pest infestation or from a small crack.

I knew that even a very small crack in the ductwork could cause air to leak out plus it would sound almost eerie. The last room I lived in was a rambling old mansion plus you were always hearing odd hissing noises whenever the heating turned on. Some of the other boarders in the current home insisted it was a haunt or a ghost, but I knew what it was. I had heard it quite often in my dad’s house, back when I was still living at home. I was hoping that my iphone call would precipitate a returned call from an Heating & A/C tech. I wanted to be able to talk to an Heating & A/C worker. I thought I should possibly make an appointment to have my Heating & A/C method plus the ductwork looked at plus repaired if necessary. After waiting almost a month for a return call plus getting none, I called back the Heating & A/C corporation. I asked my question again plus asked why no a single called me back. The person said she thought she had answered my question plus said she didn’t guess there was any real reason to call me back. I explained that when there is a complication with the Heating & A/C systems, I expect to talk to a Heating & A/C worker. Talking to the secretary gave me no joy at all, since she isn’t a professional Heating & A/C worker. She seemed sad with me, but it didn’t take very long for a Heating & A/C worker to call me back this time.


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