Traveling with a coworker

I have had to travel a lot for work in the past few months.

When I was first hired, I knew that traveling would be a possibility, but I didn’t think that I would be gone quite as often as I am now.

I think last month, I was only home for about a week in total. Thankfully, I don’t have kids that need me to take care of them or else I would be out of luck. I have been traveling with one coworker and we have gotten really close, it makes traveling so much better when you have a good friend along for the ride. However, there is one thing that really bothers me about my new friend and that is the temperature she likes the room when she sleeps. I like for the air conditioner to be blasting and the ceiling fan on the highest setting. Well, my coworkers is the opposite and she actually likes to sleep with the heater on. I have never met anyone that likes to sleep with the heater on unless it is the winter months. We don’t fight over the HVAC unit, but I can tell it is becoming an issue between us. I really like traveling for work with my new friend, but I might have to start getting my own room so that we don’t argue too much over the HVAC system in the future. I really want to continue being friends and this would be a bad way to end things between us.


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