Two national chains is great for consumers

This town is filled with lots of different businesses.

We have several restaurants like diners, fast food chains, and even upscale 5-star chains.

We also have several different banks, grocery stores, and gas stations. For the longest time, we only had one large HVAC company for our commercial and residential needs. If we wanted to hire someone else for an estimate, we usually ended up paying a gas premium. One of the reasons is due to our location. This town is at the base of a mountain. It takes almost 45 minutes to get here from town. A lot of places are unwilling to make the long trek. My friends, family, and neighbors were very excited when another HVAC company open for business and our small town. The best part was the fact that these guys were able to service residential and commercial needs. Several small businesses were paying a huge premium for commercial HVAC services. I work in the accounting department for a small apparel factory. We mainly make shirts, vests, and jackets. We always stay busy during the winter holidays, and this is the time when our heating system always gives us trouble. We have been spending a fortune for service on our commercial HVAC components. When the new company opened, they came around to all of the local businesses. They discussed new prices and service and gave everyone a no worry guarantee. They still have low prices and they have kept their word so far. The company back in town must be feeling the effects from this second business, because most of my friends and neighbors use the new HVAC company.

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