Unpredictable thermostat

I have such an old and outdated thermostat that it is so unpredictable.

You never knew what’s going to happen with it or how it is going to react.

It is high time that I invest in a more up to date thermostat. This thing is about 20 years old and is one of those ancient digital thermostats. I am actually tired of having to call the local heating and air conditioning company at random and spend one hundred dollars for an HVAC home services call just to have them keep fixing this thing. For that price, I could get a brand new smart thermostat and really be right on par with the advent of modern HVAC technology. So actually, I think the next time my old digital thermostat breaks down I am going to just call the local heating and air conditioning company, have them send out a certified and most knowledgeable heat and a/c specialist and buy a brand new and top of the line smart thermostat off of them instead! I will have them do the installation too because when you buy a new thermostat from the local heating and air conditioning company, they offer free installation of it and do not even charge you for the heat and a/c service call because you are buying HVAC products from them. So this is exactly what I plan to do next time this old raggedy digital thermostat breaks down and gives me problems. There is no question about this. Should have done that a long time ago to be honest.


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