Useful junk on the side of the road

Sometimes you find the most amazing stuff that people are tossing out in the trash.

Especially when it comes to people getting ready to move.

They have a lot of stuff that they can not sell or get rid of, so their answer is to just throw it out! I passed by this one house that was throwing away all kinds of junk, and in this junk I found 2 perfectly good as new portable space heaters! I pulled over my car and got out to take a look. And yep, these were for sure good as new portable space heaters! I knocked on the door and asked the people if they knew they threw out 2 perfectly good portable space heaters. They were well aware of it, and said it was because they had too many portable space heaters. The people at this house said that if I wanted to clean them off, I could take them for free and keep them! I was really happy to hear that. So I went out, grabbed the portable space heaters out of the pile of junk, and threw them in the back of my car trunk. I will give them a good washing when I get home and I will use them! I had been needing a few portable space heaters for the winter time months coming up, so this was just sheer luck that it turned out this way with these people! Always look at people’s junk they are throwing away. Because as long as it is not covered in true garbage or toxic/dangerous material, you may just get some stuff!


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