Using a shipping container to store wine

In April, my family & I love to go on picnics. It is a fun thing to do & it is a fun form of family bonding. While on these picnics all of us always make sure to have a bit of food packed. It is nice to have wine, nuts, cheese, berries & veggies. Our lake house came with a very small fridge. We needed something that could keep the items cold & also store our extensive wine collection in a temperature controlled room. I bought multiple shipping containers to serve as a fridge the night before our picnic. The other shipping container has Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C, electric & a door lock to keep our wine fresh, The youngsters don’t have the code so the booze is secure. The Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C provides even temperature control all year so the wine doesn’t go sour. The refrigerated shipping container that serves as a fridge is entirely neat. We live in an area of warm weather. To keep these kinds of refrigerated items was a bit of a work. I had to special order these sorts of refrigerated containers & spend money out the bottom for the right size. You will not find these kinds of refrigerated containers stocked at big box stores. These special kinds of containers will last a lifetime too. I have used the refrigerated container & wine container for about 10 years now & they have never gone bad or stopped keeping food cold. They are so great to have!
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