Using my son’s treadmill and swimming pool

Every summer, my son and his wife take a ten-day vacation for their anniversary.

They ask me to stay at their house to watch over things and take care of the dog.

I look forward to it. My son and his wife have a beautiful house and property. I get to enjoy all sorts of modern luxuries. Their kitchen is very spacious, with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. In the living room, there’s a huge television, extremely comfortable leather furniture and surround sound. I love the water pressure in the shower. I consider my stay at their house a vacation at a spa. I have nothing much to do other than read, suntan, eat and workout. They have an innovative style of treadmill that doesn’t require electricity. The treadmill has a curved track that is powered by the movement of the feet. The benefit is that I can speed up and slow down instantly. It’s wonderfully quiet and smooth, and I get a great workout. I typically run for about an hour. Once I’m dripping with sweat, I head outside and swim laps in the inground pool. Sometimes I tread water for half an hour or do some water aerobics. I play music, and it’s such a pleasure to cool off in the water. I enjoy the sunshine and the view of the gardens. Once I’ve completed my workout, I stretch out on a lounger and relax. I tend to be very careful about the types of food I eat while I’m there, and by the end of the ten days, I’ve always lost weight. I’m in great shape and feel totally refreshed.
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