Waking up without any heat is a bummer

When I finally got him on the phone, he asked us if we tried to fix the problem yet

Waking up without any heat is one of the worst things that can happen. My friends and I rent an apartment together. Two of us pay more money so we can have a bedroom. The other two people sleep in the living room, but they only pay a small portion of the rental fees. It has always worked out really well. My friends and I get along and we enjoyed a lot of the same activities. None of us drink a lot, but we all enjoy recreational marijuana. It’s nice to live with people who are like-minded, because I never have to worry. Even though recreational marijuana is legal in this state, some people will complain. It was a big deal for my friends and I to get a place together. So far, we have only had one major issue since renting the apartment. Last month, we woke up in the morning and the heat was off. I thought it was strange when I put my feet on the floor and it felt like a sheet of ice. The thermostat confirmed my worst fear. It was very clear to my friends and I that the furnace was not working. I called the apartment manager so they could send someone to fix the heat. The apartment manager didn’t answer the phone for 2 hours. When I finally got him on the phone, he asked us if we tried to fix the problem yet. None of my friends and I have any knowledge about heating or air-conditioning, so of course we would not try to fix the problem. I think the landlord was trying to save some money, but I’m glad he finally called an HVAC professional.

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