We decided to use a smart thermostat to save money

Working from home has been delightful for me for the past few months, but it has come with some drawbacks for me and my family.

  • One of the things my husband and kids enjoy is that I’m able to prepare a home cooked meal for dinner every day of the week.

Before, commuting back and forth to work for a 10-hour shift at the office made it very difficult for me to prepare a good meal for dinner every evening. Working at home has been comfortable, but our energy bill has gone up significantly ever since I started working from home. For one thing, I’m cooking a lot more than I was before, and I’m using the air conditioner more than I was before as well. My office feels quite hot if I don’t run the air conditioner at a high setting, because my office faces the sun for most of the day. I like keeping the temperature at 70°, but it costs a lot to maintain that temperature. Me and my husband speculated on how we might mitigate our energy costs with me staying home so much. We finally decided on purchasing a smart thermostat so that we could have more control over our energy usage when it comes to the HVAC system. Having a smart thermostat has allowed us to tweak how we use the air conditioner, and as a result, we pay a lot less on our energy bills! I’m glad we found a way to save, because I really love working from home!


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