We found out the HVAC pro left his toolbag at our house

The HVAC professional who fixed our cooling system was fantastic.

We actually had to wait a few days because a lot of people were struggling with their cooling systems.

We were the last appointment of the day for this guy who came out and you could tell the guy was severely tired. Still, that didn’t keep him from being kind, courteous, and he always kept a smile on his face when he was speaking with us. He even took time to joke with the children and he mentioned how he had a cool racing set like they had when he was a youngster. This guy answered all of our questions and made sure we were informed about everything that was going on. It was pleasant just talking with this guy and we even offered him some drinks since he was almost done with his shift. He said he would stick around but he had a busy day in the morning. He did take some bottled waters to go though which was at least something, and he thanked us for that. I guess none of us were really paying attention because we discovered that he left his tool bag behind. We felt terrible and thought he was going to really freak out when he realized his tool bag was no longer there. We called him up and he answered and we explained his toolbag was still at our house. He asked if we could leave his tool bag in the back of our house, and he would pick it up first thing in the morning. We were alright with that, and sure enough he showed up early, got his toolbag and went to work.


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