We really wanted a geothermal heat pump

We were trying to get some kind of heat source in our home.

  • Originally, we wanted a geothermal heat pump for our home.

Our minds were dead set on this because of all the fabulous things we had heard about geothermal heat pumps. We loved how they saved on energy usage, how they heated the entire home evenly, and so much more. However when we found out the cost of the installation for a geothermal heat pump, this changed everything! The cost for installing a geothermal heat pump was too extravagant, and although we would’ve been able to eventually have our geothermal heat pump pay for itself with all the energy savings, we just did not have this kind of money available at the moment to invest in it. We ended up having to buy a basic central heating and A/C plan instead, but it was okay with us. However, we think we will not be saving money on our energy usage as much with this. We did end up getting a smart temperature control unit though. With the smart temperature control unit we are able to save some on our energy costs by not having our central heating and A/C running while we’re not home. At least we were able to get a little bit of savings for our heating and A/C this way. Though, we will regularly regret not being able to get a geothermal heat pump.

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