Went all out buying a camper with HVAC

Mara goes through these periods where she becomes crazy with something new.

One week my girlfriend obsessed with leggings, and the next week she can’t get enough of cooking in the kitchen.

I don’t use the word crazy lightly when it comes to my girlfriend’s new hobbies, because she insists on going way overboard. I can tell when something is right on her brain and it’s usually followed by a lot of spending on new equipment and gadgets. This week, my girlfriend has been obsessed with the idea of going camping. I came home to her getting a tent all set up in the backyard, along with building a fire next to it. I was a little hesitant about sleeping in a tent in our yard, and yet I was pleasantly surprised when I did. Mara and I had a fantastic time. After chatting about it, we’ve decided to add camping to our list of things we like to do! To make things more superior and comfortable, both of us decided to purchase a camper. While the tent was fun, it would be stinky without any heating or air cooling. Thankfully, both of us had a fantastic salesman help us option out the best camper based on our heating and cooling needs! After picking up our new camper at the lot, both of us parked it in our property and diagnosed it out for the night. There was a small climate control on the kitchen wall, that was super easy to make use of and we got HVAC for when we needed it.


Heating and cooling equipment