What about the new heating system?

When my husband and I moved into this house about a year ago, things were different. They weren’t exactly good, but they weren’t terrible either. See, the house had very poor heating to keep the place warm in the chilly winter weather. Fall brought fairly cool temperatures, and the ancient boiler system running in the basement was just enough to keep us comfortable during that season. Once the freezing winter nights came, however, it was a different story. By December of our first year in this house, we realized that we had to make a change! So, we did some research, and we found that the most efficient heating system was coincidentally the easiest to install. Rather than invest in a new furnace, or a special stove for warmth, we decided to install radiant heated floors in the first floor of the house. Radiant heated floors use hot water pipes, which disperse heat upwards through the house from under the floorboards. This naturally warms the house from the ground up, and eliminates drafts and cold spots. How great is that? Well, installation went fairly smooth, but we made an unsettling discovery during the installation – we found termites in one of the rooms! Despite treating the house on more than one occasion to remove the pests, the termites proved too resilient and widespread. We had no choice but to move – and say good-bye to our new heating system in the process.

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