When it rains, it pours

Last spring, our area was pummeled by awful thunderstorms.

It rained for 10 days in a row.

On day five, the kids started to get miserable. By the end of day 8, they were driving my husband and I completely crazy. Of course, we couldn’t say much at all. They were cooped up in the house in the middle of the spring, when they wanted to be outside playing in the yard. All they could do was watch the swingset and seesaw get covered in water. When the rain finally subsided, my husband and I found out that our roof was leaking. The leak must have occurred sometime on day 9, because the hole wasn’t significant until the storm was almost over. By that time, we had a puddle of water in the garage. My husband and I were actually lucky, because the leak could have been in any other part of the house. Most of the house is carpeted and that would have been an even bigger mess. Luckily, we didn’t have much in the garage, other than tools, cars, and bicycles. We called a roofing contractor the day, after the rain stopped completely. They came out to look at our roof and gave us some additional bad news. The storm damage caused some problems with our ductwork, and we needed to replace several pieces near the leak. The ductwork wasn’t cheap to replace, and my husband and I had to contact a heating and air conditioning specialist to complete the job. The ductwork and the roof was covered by our homeowners insurance, but it took three weeks to get everything situated and put back together.

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