You can't beat a hotel to ride out of tropical storm

In the Southeastern part of this country, we often deal with tropical weather and tropical storms.

Every year, during hurricane season, there is a chance that the storm will directly impact our area.

However, more often than not, a storm will either miss us entirely, or somewhat affect our area without directly hitting it. In the case where we have a direct impact, obviously, evacuation is the smartest thing to do. However, when we are only mildly affected by a storm, it’s best to simply hunker in place. My favorite place to hunker down is a hotel. The reason I love staying at hotels during tropical storms is that they have a means of keeping the electricity running. If I stay home, quite often, even if the storm does not directly hit us, I still lose power due to the wind and rain. I just can’t go without my air conditioner in these circumstances. I’ve learned to simply check into a hotel when a storm is approaching so that I will have the benefit of an air conditioner. I will admit that I have other options if I need them. I have an uncle who lives close by who actually has a generator that he runs during storms if he loses power. However, he prefers to keep his refrigerator and freezer running. His generator is not powerful enough to do this and keep the HVAC system running at the same time. That’s why I’d much prefer to stay in a hotel with air conditioning!


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