Zone HVAC helps us save money for retirement

My wife and I were lucky to have three children.

The oldest two are both boys and the youngest child is a girl.

Both of our boys played sports and excelled in math and geography. One of them was held back in kindergarten, so they ended up in the same grade during the entire time they were students. I thought it would cause problems, but I think it helped our sons forge a strong and healthy friendship. Our daughter is 3 years younger than our middle child. She was the last to graduate from high school. Now we have three children in college and it takes a toll on our wallets. None of the kids live at home, and this big, giant house is often empty. My wife and I were spending a ton of money to heat and cool the place. We wanted to save money, but we didn’t want to move into a smaller house. We decided to hire and HVAC contractor to install zone control heating and cooling. All of the bedrooms upstairs are on one zone. We can turn off all of the heat and cool air by adjusting the thermostat for that zone. Since my wife and I sleep downstairs and spend all of our time there, we save a lot of money by only heating and cooling the areas where we work, sleep, and eat. When Sarah finishes her last year of college, my wife and I will probably move out of this big house and into a small condo. We are just waiting for all of the kids to finish with their college career.

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