A dream of mine is new a/c

Fairy tales & motion pictures are just for kids & I don’t know in any of that stuff.

I like to take long walks in the forest & pretend that I know in that stuff, but I really don’t.

I once went to our phone, picked it up, & dialed the number of our Heating & Air Conditioning provider to see if he could acquire an Heating & Air Conditioning business brave enough to go into our closet & try to find out what was wrong with the insides of the walls. I particularly wasn’t going to go in there. It seemed to have something to do with the walls & the inside of the walls in our closet. I know about heated walls & radiant floors but I did not think we had heated walls. Then when our Heating & Air Conditioning business finally made it over to check out our equipment, he announced that the walls were formerly heated walls, & some of the residual infrastructure absolutely seemed to support that theory, then one day I was minding our own supplier when I started hearing peculiar sounds. My Heating & Air Conditioning business was now able to inform me that those peculiar sounds were truly demons living in our walls & inside the aged hydronic heating elements! Apparently back in the day before the technology with fluids now, they used to use demonic fluid inside the hydronic heating elements. These demonic fluids could truly attract demons to transmute through the walls, our Heating & Air Conditioning business explained with me. As you might be able to guess, I did call our Heating & Air Conditioning provider that night & ask him to get rid of that particular Heating & Air Conditioning business.


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