A hotel is a great place to ride out a hurricane

I live in the southern part of the country where the climate is subtropical or full-on tropical.

The weather is generally hot and humid, and we also have to deal with hurricane season every year.

Most of the time, hurricanes don’t actually hit us directly. However, nearly every year, a handful of storms impact our area, at least somewhat. Whenever we are going to be directly hit, the suggestion is to evacuate, but whenever we will feel the effects of a tropical storm without being directly hit, local authorities advise that you simply hunker in place. My favorite place to stay during those storms that do not hit us directly is a hotel. Hotels have a means of keeping the lights on whenever there is a hurricane. The most important thing to me during a hurricane is to have access to an air conditioner, and that is one of the main reasons why I choose to stay at a hotel during a hurricane, if possible. It always seems like I end up losing power when a storm rolls through, so I have learned to stay at a hotel. I have other options. I have an uncle who lives close to me that has access to a generator. However, he only ever typically uses it to keep his fridge and freezer running. I would rather be comfortable in the air conditioner, and at the hotel, there’s always the perk of getting room service. A hotel is definitely one of the best places to be during a hurricane

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