A hotel is a great place to ride out a hurricane

I live in the southern part of the country and due to our tropical climate, we are in the hurricane zone.

  • So, each year, during hurricane season, we are on alert because we never know when the next storm will come our way.

There are times when the storm comes close to our coast but at the last minute, it completely misses us. However, there are other times when the hurricane directly impacts us. For those hurricanes, we must take extra measures to guarantee our safety. If the storm is powerful, we might be asked to evacuate, but if it’s a weaker storm, the advice might be just to hunker down in a safe space. And that safe space could be your own home or a shelter. Personally, my safe space is a local hotel. In my head, it’s obvious why I choose a hotel to seek refuge, it’s because some hotels will have electricity during a storm. And of course, if the hotel has electricity, it means that they also have air conditioning. Since it’s still warm outside during hurricane season, having air conditioning is so important. And because my power company always cuts the electricity during a major storm, I never want to risk not having air conditioning. My uncle John, who lives nearby, has a generator, but it can only do so much. Typically, he doesn’t run it for the air conditioning but instead, he uses it to power his refrigerator and his deep freezer. I would rather have a comfortable place to sleep when there is a storm. And best of all, there’s nothing better than getting room service while staying in a hotel room.


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