A new approach in PE class

Back in middle school and throughout high school, I never liked PE.

It was called gym class when I grew up.

PE stands for Physical Education, and it should have been my favorite class. Instead, it was awful. The focus was not on getting into good physical shape. We didn’t learn how to take care of our joints, muscles and bodies. The class centered around football, volleyball, wrestling, basketball and dodgeball. The PE teachers never paid much attention. They explained the rules of the sports and just let us play. Because of the terrible experience, I wound up getting certified as a PE teacher. I was determined to run my classes differently. Adults have their choice of fitness classes. They can find a class in whatever style of exercise interests them. I wanted the kids to have that too. Not everyone likes to play dodgeball or play basketball, but keeping in good physical condition is important for everyone. I like to provide all sorts of opportunities, from yoga to weight lifting. Offering different types of exercises allows the kids to future out what suits them best. I try to offer as many options throughout the year as possible. Even if the kids like yoga, they need to try other things as well. The weight lifting sessions are always popular. I also talk about proper eating, sleep and hydration habits. I consider my class an extension of their health classes where we focus on their physical health and wellness. I emphasize the importance of a proper warm up, stretch and cool down. We talk about strength, stamina, flexibility and range of motion. I stress the need for balance in their styles of workout and whole life. I hope to give the kids a love of working out, because it will help them for the rest of their lives.

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