A new quality HVAC system for the daycare center

We also replaced the thermostat with another

The remodeling of the daycare center was good for me in two significant ways. One was because I took my child to that daycare and the second one was that they had contracted our home comfort business to install quality HVAC equipment as part of their upgrade. The only downside was that I would not have a place to take my son while working. The renovation was during the one day of the week when the daycare center was closed. As a cooling specialist in the homeowner solutions company, I was part of the team that would be working on the installation. When I asked the daycare owner if she could recommend someone to look after my son for the day, she asked me to take him to her house, where her sister would care for him while we got the work done. The daycare had a heat pump, and the owner wanted to upgrade to a dual fuel system to help with indoor comfort. The new quality HVAC system would also enable them to use one of the rooms as an additional play area during the cold months. The room had an issue whereby it was never heating or cooling when need be. The center called us for the job because we took care of the owner’s and some of the workers’ home services, and they were aware that every cooling tech in the company was certified. We also gave the energy-saving help tips, and it’s a joy for every cooling workman to find that their advice was well followed. We also replaced the thermostat with another. The new one was a smart thermostat that was much easier to use since we could adjust it remotely.

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