A smart thermostat help us with our energy bill

I have come to really enjoy working from home.

Prior to working at home, my job required me to drive several miles every morning to an office and work a 10-hour shift only to have to drive all the way back home. This did not leave me very much time in the afternoon to provide a good home-cooked meal for my family for dinner. That’s just one of the benefits of working from home. My husband and kids love the fact that I’m able to cook and be there for them much earlier in the day while still getting my work done in a much more comfortable environment. If anything, my productivity has gone up ever since I started working at home, but so has my energy bill. Well, the extra cooking I’m doing as well as the air conditioner that I’m running all day long is causing the energy bill to go up pretty significantly. Still, I need the air conditioner to be running, particularly because my office faces the sun for most of the day and ends up getting quite hot if I try and work without the air conditioner on. My husband decided that perhaps we should invest in a smart thermostat to help mitigate the energy costs. We both researched that option and, it seemed like a pretty smart thing to do. Smart thermostats offer a level of customization and automation that could save you a lot of money on your energy bill by making sure that your HVAC system is running as efficiently as possible. We are very happy with our smart thermostat!

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