about putting many layers of clothes on. The weather is just perfect for me. The air conditioning in my house from my HVAC system works great. It did work great until it broke down last summer. It is a good thing I enjoy the heat. I did not think that getting my HVAC unit repaired was a priority. It really was not a priority since I did not mind the warm weather. I had a nice fan that I could use when I tried to sleep at night. After two days of not having air conditioning, I thought i needed to get it back. The fan was so loud at night that I could not sleep. The fan was only in one spot so I went without any type of cooling most of the time. I really did not want to carry a fan around with me everywhere. I called my local HVAC business. They sent an HVAC technician to check my HVAC unit shortly after I called. It was nothing more than a simple air filter cleaning. It had become really clogged this summer. It was an easy fix. He showed me how to check the air filters and change them. It is not hard but I did not think about the air filters before. I forgot how important they are for the air quality in my home. I don’t want all that dirt and dust from the vents filling my home. The air filters is what keeps that out of my clean air. From now on I really should pay more attention to the HVAC system. I do not want to go without my air conditioning again. I did not realize how much I needed it until I didn’t have it.

Air conditioning broke in cool weather


a/c serviceman