An old air conditioner for an old school

My nephew goes to a very forward thinking school.

His curriculum is unlike anything I have ever seen or heard of.

He is a junior in high school and his studies include aerodynamics. I was talking to him a couple days ago, and we were discussing his upcoming senior year and what he will be taking. He gave me a list of subjects that I hadn’t even received in college, and I was impressed. He told me there was only one thing he didn’t like about his school. They live in the south and yet he doesn’t have any air conditioning in their school. They are an academically inclined school that chooses their students, and yet they don’t have any air conditioning. He told me the air conditioning quit working in the middle of the year. When the school board was approached to get it fixed, they were told there wasn’t enough money in the budget for a new HVAC system. They were going to budget it for the following school. Some of the parents were very unhappy over this statement, because the tuition for their children to go to this school, was quite high. Me nephews dad was not going to take this easily for a reason to not have air conditioning in that school. He asked one of the men on the school board for the real reason. He told him they had just spent their budget allowance on getting football uniforms and new gear for their money making football team. I have a feeling the HVAC will be getting installed before the start of the new school semester.

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