Blissful we have a/c

I do not ask for much on a weekend.

  • Occasionally I make plans, occasionally I don’t.

Occasionally I love the thought of going out with friends or someplace, other times I’m actually gleeful to be left alone for a couple days, then whatever I decide to do on the weekend I want to be comfortable when I do it. That’s why chilling at cabin is often what I decide to do, & it’s not a hard decision! I have to deal with people, quotas, & deadlines all month long. The weekend is a sanctified time of rest, relaxation, & recuperation. Occasionally, I can accomplish all of those things simply by lounging on my couch & taking a fantastic long nap until who cares when. It’s my air conditioner component that will often lull me to sleep & convince me to do nothing that morning. It’s a sweet machine, my air conditioner unit. My cabin feels so cool, cozy, & comfortable, even while every one of us were in the hottest summer time morning. I have gotten so used to the refreshing coolness that my air conditioner provides me, however that does not mean that I have come to take it for granted. If anything, I am upset that if I do not supply it with official repair, that I will not be able to rely on it as much. To put my worries to bed, I end up getting all of the most crucial air conditioner repair done at the tail end of winter, towards the start of May. There might still be snow on the ground around the time that I call out an air conditioner specialist, however that does not deter me from being proactive!