Cat’s are Scrapping and my Climate Control is Ripping

My AC is keeping us all cool in my flat today on this hot summer day as my cats fight each other.

The brother cat likes to bite his sister’s ears a lot and she ends up whining and crying till I break them up.

They end up making up after a while but he definitely likes to bully her when he has the chance. The summer is winding down here and in six days school is starting and the crowds will really thin out then. It’s been a long hot summer and my AC system is ready for a little break for the winter. I will get the system checked out soon to make sure my heater is working well as the weather is going to shift to the colder side very soon and the days will get very short. I just cleaned my AC filter so I am all set for another three months before needing to clean it again. I have a robot vacuum cleaner that picks up a lot of dust and dirt each day, which helps to keep the HEPA filter in the main heating and cooling system cleaner. I think I last cleaned it like six months ago and it didn’t need to be cleaned until today. It is a washable filter so I just take it into the bathroom and rinse it with the shower head and then let it dry a bit in the sun and it is ready to go again. I’m going to run to the local business to buy another shower head now. See ya.

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