Cookies at the end of a long repair

My girlfriend and I have been dating for the past nine months! Last weekend, she moved into my apartment.

I was happy when she said yup.

Her condo was nicer than mine, but my condo was closer to both of our tasks. It actually did make more sense for both of us to transport into my venue. The weekend that we moved into the apartment, things were actually busy. We didn’t see each other easily, because we were unpacking boxes and moving things and trucks! One day, both of us had to go to work. I worked late every single day. When it was the weekend, I had to work on emergency calls. I labor for a local heating and cooling repair business. The HVAC supplier handles repair related concerns for commercial and residential clients all over the county. The commercial and residential HVAC repair supplier has been open for more than 25 years. They are well-known in the area. It took me six months to get a task working for the venue, so I try to labor hard all of the time. One night, I was hoping that the phone would be quiet. My girlfriend and I were getting ready to watch a movie when the phone rang. I was out for two hours; by then, she had made hot chocolate chip cookies, and they were ready and waiting when I got home from the repair task.
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