feeling the luck

Sporadically I wish life was less complicated.

There are so many, aspects of life which can thoroughly mess up something which, by all reasonable expectations, should go over without a hitch.

Sporadically I wonder if fate has a hand in our lives; like somethings are predestined to go wrong. But that’s a grisly thought. I am not superstitious plus I supply no credence to that stuff. Still, sometimes you wonder.The people I was with and I picked up on our son’s great intellect about the same time we realized the little guy seemed to be accident prone, or something. The A/C would conk out at his birthday celebration, even though an A/C tech had inspected it the afternoon before. The car would refuse to start when we were ready to rush him to the emergency room, The buddy came to our rescue however the hour we arrived, there was a power cut, and good thing the hospital had back up generators to power their Heating plus A/C system, but you think how hospitals rely on a great working Heating plus A/C unit. Despite all this, we had high hopes for our boy plus he never disappointed us. He got straight A’s throughout private school plus we were hardly surprised to hear he was the valedictorian for his graduating class. Our son prepared a great speech however he did not even get to deliver it. The school had bought a current Heating plus A/C unit plus the outdated janitor had programmed it wrong. My bad boy was perspiring before he was half way through, not to mention those listening.


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