Getting in some trouble

My sibling and I have always been opposites for the most part, however when I was always focused on my studies and getting great grades, he would always be getting into some kind of trouble.

When I took great care of my things, he didn’t seem to care much about of anything.

When I enjoyed great temperature control in the household, he would always want the temperature control plan turned off and he would commonly turn off the temperature control and get into trouble by doing so. Admittedly, that was a great way to save currency on the energy costs, however it ruined the air quality in the household, and he mostly seemed to do it just to make everybody mad, but he absolutely ended up getting into so much trouble, he had to be sited in a special facility and every one of us would go to visit him. I don’t certainly guess why my sibling turned out to be love that, although he seemed to always be mad at everything in life; My parents were always telling me how grateful they were that I turned out to be such a great kid. I always thought about my sibling though and I always tried to talk to him. I certainly wanted to understand him why he always was so mad about everything. He would always say downside things and talk about how nothing certainly mattered. He ended up going to prison for committing some serious crimes. He didn’t kill anybody, although he got into serious drug troubles and there was no reaching out to him. I hope eventually he will be able to find peace in his life.



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