Hoping we can afford zone controlled heating

I ask for pretty simple things in life.

I want to have food and water, a roof over my head, my beloved pet, and satisfactory temperature control.

I’m pretty low service, however I want to be comfortable and well fed; I don’t feel like this is asking too much, but however, in real life, it turns out that this might be more hard than it sounds, but operating an Heating and A/C gets harshly high-priced, especially for young people just joining the job market like my girlfriend and myself. The cost of energy each month is simply astronomical, and operating an a/c or boiler for weeks on end is easily unaffordable on it’s own, let alone purchasing and maintaining new Heating and A/C equipment. That’s why I know it’s too much to ask, however I’m really hoping we can afford zone controlled heating for our house. I labor from property most afternoons, and while I love being able to stay at my own place, it means we have to spend money for heating and cooling for the whole house, all afternoon long, all week long, frankly, it gets chilly frosty every afternoon trying to labor from a stationary position, and I feel like I need way more heat to be comfortable. I would like to purchase and install zone controlled heating so I can send more tepid air exclusively to my labor space. That way I can turn up the heat, satisfactoryly changing the air temperature by my kindle, without paying to heat the entire empty house, and maybe in a few years we can afford the Heating and A/C modification.

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