I didn’t want to get out of bed and go to school.

There are some times when I just don’t want to get out of bed and go to school. This was one of those times. I hated the idea that it was cold and snowy outside. I was wrapped up in my blanket, all warm and cozy. When the alarm went off, I hit the snooze button and closed my eyes, but I couldn’t force myself to get out of bed. I heard the bedroom door open and smelled the scent of bacon. I heard a voice tell me that breakfast was ready and I needed to get up and get to the school. I didn’t want to hear this and all I did was growl. I heard laughter and knew that she was coming into the bedroom. I pulled the covers up over my head. Then I felt a kiss on my forehead as she laid on the bed by me. She reminded me that there were people out there who needed heat today, and I had to get to the school to teach my class how to keep those furnaces running. I gave up, got out of bed, took a shower, and put on my uniform. I knew I had a new HVAC class starting that morning, and it wouldn’t look good if the HVAC instructor was late. I ate a hearty breakfast and headed out into the cold. I was even out of the driveway when my phone rang. My wife asked me to call the HVAC company and see if they could get someone out to her mom’s and repair her furnace. She woke up this morning with it not working.



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