I don’t like flying and it is not just because of AC

I don’t know if anyone but me has ever noticed, but the air quality in an airplane is really poor.

I know they have ventilation, or I wouldn’t be able to breathe in such close confines.

I knew it was a given about the air quality, so I took a deep breath of good air before entering the plane and just tried to relax. There was a sudden change in seating on the plane that, for some unknown reason to me, had my seat bumped. I told them I had to get onto this plane and they told me they only had one seat left. I argued this seat should be mine. After five minutes, she said the seat was in first class and I had bought a ticket for economy. She asked if I wanted to pay the difference. When I just stared and arched an eyebrow, she excused herself. The man who came out with her looked at me very oddly and I was thinking I was in trouble. He told me he could give me the seat and it would not cost me anything. I smiled sweetly and said thank you. I suddenly knew why people were willing the pay the extra money for first class. I had a seat that was more comfortable than any chair in my home. I had my own thermostat and I was the only one in my side of the aisle. I sighed as I felt perfect air floating around me. The climate control was marvelous and I closed my eyes imagining I was outside on a still, calm day. The first class change spoiled me and I knew I could never fly again, because I knew I couldn’t afford the price.

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